You Don’t Have to Suffer for Fashion

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a bad thing. After you’ve cleaned out your closet and tossed worn-out shoes (and donated those that are only gently used but you just haven’t worn in the past year), you may find you can easily justify some shopping!

A worn-out pair of shoes no longer has the necessary support for your feet and may even cause sprained ankles and other injuries.

When you are out shopping, seek out footwear that gives you proper arch support, shock absorption and cushioning. Also, wear shoes that fit the occasion. You can still rock the Louboutins, but wear running shoes for running, save flip-flops for the pool and commute in something comfy.

Since you probably need a new bag to go with your new pair (or pairs) of shoes, here are some more tips.

Ideally, your bag should weigh no more than 10 percent of your body weight or 10 pounds, whichever is less. You would be surprised at how quickly your bag and its contents surpass this weight. Ways to avoid excess weight include minimizing makeup and decluttering daily – also a great spring-cleaning tip!

Choose a smart style. A small, light backpack is the best option. But, since that is not a style for everyone, a messenger bag with a long, adjustable strap is the next best option. Remember that leather is often heavier than nylon, cotton and canvas styles.

Make a conscious effort to keep both shoulders pulled down and level when you’re carrying your bag. Talking on your mobile phone while carrying a big bag adds ear-to-shoulder muscle tension; consider a wireless headset.