World Spine Day

As a part of National Bone and Joint Action Week, today we are highlighting World Spine Day. The theme for Spine Day 2016 is “Straighten Up and Move”. Here at ASO, we think it’s important to bring awareness to prevention and management of spinal health because of how much the spine affects our day-to-day lives.

Spinal injury and pain is more common than one would think and can even start as early as age 30 or younger. Spine pain can quickly become a problem but there are also easy fixes to help manage the pain and even prevent it from happening again in the future.

Click here to read more from Soirée in an interview with our very own Dr. McCarthy.

Dr. Kathryn J. McCarthy is an orthopaedic surgeon at Arkansas Specialty Orthopaedics who subspecializes in orthopaedic surgery of the spine. She brings the perfect balance of the latest, minimally invasive techniques with the compassion and expertise for treating degenerative conditions and trauma of the spine in adults as well as scoliosis in adolescents.