World Spine Day – Bone & Joint Action Week


World Spine Day – October 16


A healthy spine is literally the backbone of an active life. But there are many issues that can affect your spine – and overall quality of life – including low back pain, degenerative conditions, injuries, infections and tumors, pinched nerves, scoliosis and more. The good news is that there are many ways to improve spine health and prevent injury in our everyday lives. Check out these tips to strengthen and protect your back:


  • Customize your work station to your body and tasks
  • Change positions frequently
  • Move efficiently and control stress


  • Exercise at least 30 minutes, three times a week
  • Take rest breaks every hour; recline in your chair for a moment or walk around for a few minutes
  • Change your position
  • Perform a different task every hour or so and use different muscles to relieve back


  • Feet should touch the floor or be supported
  • Keep knees and hips level
  • Sit up to keep spine straight
  • Look straight without neck strain
  • Adjust your chair’s lumbar and armrests
  • Keep monitor at arms’ length
  • Position monitor and document holders even or slightly below line of sight

Mobile Devices

  • Sit up when texting or reading
  • Keep device at chest or eye level to decrease neck and back stress
  • Use a hands-free device instead of holding to your ear


  • Estimate the weight to be lifted and ensure a clear path to move object
  • Keep a wide stance and bend from the legs (not the waist)
  • Keep the load as close as possible to your body; avoid bending from your back
  • Do not twist; rather pivot from hips and feet for less back stress

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More info on Bone and Joint Action Week

Bone and Joint Action Week is an annual event focused on issues including arthritis, back pain, pediatric conditions, osteoporosis and trauma. The week is designed to raise awareness worldwide about prevention, disease management and treatment of these disorders, and it’s a big undertaking. Consider that: 

  • According to The Burden of Musculoskeletal Conditions in the United States, more than half the American population over the age of 18 – that’s 54% – are affected by musculoskeletal (bone and joint) conditions
  • Bone and joint conditions are the most common cause of severe long-term pain and physical disability worldwide, affecting hundreds of millions of people
  • Unless new treatments and preventive measures are found, the global prevalence of musculoskeletal conditions is predicted to increase greatly due to increasing life expectancy and changes in risk factors.
  • Musculoskeletal conditions can lead to significant disability plus diminished productivity and quality of life.
  • Treatment and lost wage costs associated with musculoskeletal diseases in the U.S. alone was estimated at $874 billion in 2009 to 2011