Why Are Your Feet Affected During Pregnancy?

Due to multiple factors, including weight gain and hormonal changes during pregnancy, your feet are often affected. UOFAS addressed these common changes and causes.

Changes in foot length, width and arch height- This may occur due to the accumulation of fluid and tissue in the lower extremities. Hormone changes also cause looseness. This will make your shoes feel tighter. These changes often reverse themselves, but some can change the shape of your foot permanently.

Changes in joint mobility- During pregnancy, the joints often experience laxity in the joints which causes instability. Weight gain and curvature also contribute to instability.

Calf swelling, cramping and pain- Due to the increased size of the uterus and fetus, fluids often build up in the legs. Stretching, walking and massaging can provide relief and reduce swelling. If you suspect you have more severe swelling or symptoms of a blood clot, you should contact your doctor.