True or False: Healthy Mind=Healthy Body?

Image via pixshark

American actor Robert Urich said, “A healthy outside starts from the inside” and a recent Switzerland-based study states that may be the case as well.

Depression puts you at a higher risk for physical diseases according to Swiss researchers.

Roughly one-third of the study’s 14,300 participants who suffered from depression also suffered from at least one physical disease. Arthritis and arthrosis were among the most common in the study.

What could cause this unusual link? Two possibilities were raised:

  1. Depression causes disinterest in physical activity, which may lead to joint diseases.
  2. People with joint diseases are often limited in their daily activities, negatively affecting their mental health and ultimately resulting in depressive symptoms.

Professor Gunther Meinlschmidt, the research group leader stated a better understanding of the connection is the basis for providing better health care for people who suffer from physical and/or mental diseases.

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