Shoulder Pain & Injuries

The shoulder is one of the active parts of the body—whether you’re running on the treadmill, combing your hair or doing anything in between, there’s a good chance you’re using your shoulders to get the job done. Over time, all this activity can take its toll on your shoulders. Any pain you feel in your shoulder can be attributed to a number of different causes.


  • Tendon inflammation or tear—Excessive use of the shoulder can lead to both inflammation and wearing down of tendons in the shoulder. Both of these conditions cause everyday activities to become increasingly difficult and painful. Splitting and tearing of tendons can also occur from excessive use, degenerative diseases or sudden injuries.
  • Instability—This occurs when the head of the shoulder is forced out of its socket and can be caused by sudden injury or overuse. Once the ligaments, tendons and muscles around the shoulder become loose or torn, dislocation can become regular and therefore cause pain and unsteadiness when you raise your arm or move it away from your body.
  • Arthritis—The most common type of arthritis in the shoulder is osteoarthritis, which results from wear and tear. People will often avoid shoulder movement to lessen arthritis pain, but this can lead to a tightening or stiffening or the soft tissue parts of a joint and painfully restrict motion.
  • Fracture—Shoulder fractures most commonly occur in the collarbone, upper arm bone and shoulder blade. Fractures often cause swelling, bruising and severe pain in the shoulder.


90 percent of patients with shoulder pain can be treated with simple treatment methods such as rest, activity changes and medication. However, surgery may be recommended to resolve certain types of shoulder problems.

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