Preventing Back Pain for New Moms

Back pain is common during pregnancy. According to OrthoInfo, the pain usually goes away a few weeks after delivery. However, once you begin carrying and lifting your infant on a daily basis, the back pain might return.

Carrying and lifting your infant can put strain on your spine. By the time your child is one, you are lifting 16 or more pounds. There are a lot of things you can do to prevent back problems.

  • Check with your doctor when you can start working out again and what kinds of exercises are right for you.
  • Make sure you stretch your back. Yoga can help improve your flexibility.
  • Always bend our knees when you pick up your child from the floor.
  • Avoid stretching your arms out when you pick your baby up. Bring your baby close to your chest before lifting.
  • OrthoInfo says to always sit in an upright chair when you’re nursing.
  • Don’t carry your child on your hip because this will overload your back muscles.
  • When putting your baby in their car seat, kneel on the back seat. Do not stand outside the car and try to place them in the car seat.