How to Prevent Running Injuries

Running can improve your health and help you lose weight. However, running injuries are common, so if you have one, it’s important to rest and not overuse the injured area. A strong body, good form and the right shoe are needed to help lower injury risk.

Adding strength can help you in the battle against injury. According to Runner’s World, strong muscles, tendons and ligaments can help improve your form. Strength can help how your knees, hips and feet perform while you’re running. Certain exercises can improve your strength. For example, wall presses, donkey kicks, stability ball walkouts and lateral jumps are all exercises that can help with strength.

Good posture and proper stride can help prevent injuries. Running with good posture simply means that your head is above your shoulders, your upper torso is straight and your lower back is not arched. Poor posture can lead to stress on your back and knees. Also, make sure you are landing lightly. Make a conscious effort to land more softly, so that you are not putting excess impact on your knees.

Shoes can reduce the risk of injury because they can change your form. Check out one of our past blog posts on finding the right athletic shoe.