How to Prevent Baseball Injuries

According to the 2010 U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, more than 414,000 Americans were treated for baseball-related injuries, and more than half of those treated were under the age of 18.

According to OrthoInfo, the most common baseball injuries include sprains, strains, cuts and bruises. Baseball is not a contact sport, but serious contact injuries occur because of contact with the ball, bat or another player.

Players and coaches need to be properly prepared before each game. Players always need to warm up and stretch. It’s also important that players get a physical exam before the season starts. Coaches need to follow the rules, be familiar with first aid and be prepared for emergencies.

Players need to be equipped with proper equipment. The equipment should fit each player properly and should be worn correctly in order to ensure safety. It’s important to wear equipment that is specific to your child’s position.

If your child does get hurt, it’s essential to have good communication between your doctor, coach and child. Your child should not return to play until their injury is completely healed.

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