How to Prevent Ankle Problems

Ankle sprains are both common and painful. Your ankle is composed of three bones: the fibula, tibia and talus. A number of ligaments and tendons run through the ankle, helping to attach and hold the bones of the ankle together.

It’s important to rest, ice, compress and elevate your ankle if you do get injured, but if you’re just looking to prevent ankle problems follow these easy steps:

  • Stay safe while playing sports, and be sure to always use the right gear. According to the Arthritis Foundation, wearing ankle braces in high-risk sports can help prevent sprained ankles.
  • Wear proper shoes. Heels, flip-flops and sandals do not protect the heel or ankle. An enclosed shoe offers the best protection. Shoe inserts can absorb shock and help prevent the ankle from rolling.
  • Make sure you’re sitting right. The Arthritis Foundation states that you should avid sitting with your feet behind you or crossed. This can lead to being sore and stiff.
  • Work on strengthening your ankles. Resistance band exercises can help keep your ankles stable.