How to Improve Your Posture in Three Simple Exercises

Have you ever caught yourself slumping over from time to time at your desk job?

The rise of technology has changed our world and presented some newer conditions in the world of orthopedics. For instance, the Washington Post  reported on “text neck,” a condition one can easily develop by looking down at a cell phone for too long. (Here are ways to treat neck pain.)

It is important to maintain correct posture – and not just to look good! Correct posture promotes better body movement, keeps bones in healthy alignment, takes tension off muscles and joints, keeps abdominal organs functioning well, and helps prevent back pain.

You can begin improving your posture today by applying these three tips from Healthy Women:

  1. Take several short stretch breaks throughout the day, especially if you work at a desk or computer. Stretching helps keep muscles flexible for good posture.
  2. Sitting on a chair’s edge, feet flat on floor, place a pillow or soccer-sized ball between your knees. Squeeze gently for a few seconds while lifting your head and pulling your shoulder blades back. Repeat 10 times.
  3. Stand with your back against a wall, heels about 3 inches from the wall. Put arms down with palms forward and low back close to wall.
    • Lift your chest so your shoulders touch the wall.
    • Bring head back to wall, chin tucked in.
    • Pull up and in with muscles of lower abdomen.
    • Hold for 10 seconds while breathing normally. Repeat three times.