How Bikers Can Build Stronger Bones

Being physically active is a crucial element in living a healthy lifestyle. One common way people choose to stay active is bike riding.

There are many perks to riding a bike. You can travel further at a faster rate, plus biking is easy on the joints.

However, its ease on the joints often results in weaker bones compared to those who play more impact sports such as basketball.

To understand why one must first understand how healthy bones work.

According to, our bodies are continuously renovating our skeleton, absorbing old bone tissue and replacing it with calcium that helps form new bone. Physical activity that includes impact and vibration (running, strength training and even walking) stresses the tissue and triggers the rebuilding process.

With cycling, the body experiences no such effect. Since you are already seated, the impact on your skeletal system is minimized.

Furthermore, sweating while you cycle decreases your bone-building calcium by as much as 200 milligrams in an hour. When you log in long training miles while preparing for a race, you can deplete your body of calcium to the point that it becomes increasingly difficult to replace, especially when you get older.

If you are a biker, what can you do?

  1. Increase your calcium intake.
  2. Add resistance training to your workout regimen.
  3. Mix up your workout regimen more frequently.

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