Face Opponents, Not Injuries This Tennis Season


Upcoming tennis tournaments like Wimbledon have plenty of people thinking about the sport. You may have spotted a couple players squaring off on the court at your local pool or apartment complex.

While tennis is not a contact sport, there are certain injuries its players tend to encounter more often.

According to Stop Sports Injuries, the most common tennis injuries are:

  1. Tennis Elbow
  2. Shoulder Injuries
  3. Stress Fractures
  4. Muscle Strains

Luckily, they provided ways to prevent each one.

Tennis Elbow
Proper strengthening of your elbow muscles and paying attention to your technique and grip are your best bets at prevent this condition.

Shoulder Injuries
Flexion, extension, and rotation of the shoulder against light resistance with an exercise band three to four times a week will help strengthen your rotator cuff muscles and combat your risk of acquiring this injury.

Stress Fractures
Make sure you participate in a proper strength and conditioning program in the offseason before extensive play. Additionally, make certain you wear proper footwear.

Muscle Strains
Warm up properly and stretch slowly.