Common Injuries in Football Players

Football is one of the most popular sports, and the season is right around the corner. Stay safe in practice and in the game by avoiding injuries. Whether you’re the one tackling or being tackled, it is important to be aware of these four common injuries.

Traumatic Injuries
Traumatic injuries are extremely common in football. According to Stop Sports Injuries, football players have an increased risk of spraining their ankle because of the sharp motions they make and the surface they play on. Shoulder and knee injuries are also common.

Heat Injuries
Summer football practice is in full swing. If you’re out practicing football, make sure you’re staying cool and hydrated. August is the month in which the most heat injuries occur because of its high temperatures. Football players need to drink a lot of water in order to avoid muscle cramps and heat exhaustion.

Overuse Injuries
Overuse injuries can be the result of overtraining. When you over train, your body doesn’t have time to properly recover. Low back and knee pain are two of the most common overuse injuries in football players.

Stop Sports Injuries states a concussion to be “a change in mental state due to traumatic impact.” Football players are very likely to get concussions. Some signs of concussions include loss of balance, dizziness, headache and blurred vision.

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