Beware of Increase in Ultra-Low-Velocity Knee Dislocation

A knee dislocation is an unusual and serious injury. One occurs when the shinbone and thighbone lose contact between each other.

According to Healio Orthopedics, there have been recent reports of complete knee dislocations in patients with high body mass index (BMI), sustained merely during falls from standing, falls from a single step and other noncontact injuries.

Healio went more in depth describing two ultra-low-velocity knee dislocations (ULV KD) that occurred in morbidly obese female patients who fell while walking.

Image via Healio.

Unfortunately there is plenty of reason to suspect that diagnoses like ULV KDs will increase in frequency. Obesity rates continue to rise in the United States. The consequences of delayed evaluation can be devastating if you are obese.

If you or someone you know who is obese experiences knee pain after a fall of any type, it is crucial to get it evaluated as soon as possible.