At-Home Exercises Can Combat Arthritis Pain

The American Journal of Preventative Medicine has published findings showing that arthritis victims can radically improve their condition by following three exercises anyone can do from home.

Exercise 1: Stand upright from a seated position, then sit again without using your arms. (One to three repetitions followed by one 30-second trial.)

Exercise 2: Outstretch your arms, then reach to touch your toes from a seated position with your knees straight. (Stretch as far as you can three times.)

Exercise 3: Walk as swiftly as possible around your home for six minutes.

Express reported that at the end of the study, 197 sufferers with an average age of 56 steadily increased their health and mobility in only three months. At the end of a trial of the regime, average pain rating for participants had fallen to 4.3 out of 10 from 4.7.

Additionally, sufferers of chronic joint inflammation experienced “significant improvements” in pain relief, stiffness and tiredness after only three months.

For more information and statistics from the study, visit this site.