ASO Getting Me Back to Life ASAP

Editor’s note: The following is Part 1 of a series regarding patient Jeremy Keck’s first-hand account of his physical therapy experience at Arkansas Specialty Orthopaedics.

Part 1: “They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, ‘Woah! Woah! Woah!’”

It was a typical Wednesday morning on the basketball court. We were early into our fourth pick-up game… when it happened.

I reached out with my right hand to catch a pass that was being thrown toward my right side. As I was looking that way, a player bumped into my left arm. The instant he collided with my arm, it came out of socket, and my shoulder became dislocated. My arm was bent at an awkward angle, and I could not move it.

We stopped play to allow me to walk to the bleachers. As I was walking and thinking about how I was going to treat this, my shoulder began to slowly slide back into place. It was like the hand of God reached into my body and put my shoulder back into position.

Later that day I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Eric Gordon just as a precaution – or so I thought. I arrived at Arkansas Specialty Orthopaedics thinking that Dr. Gordon was going to look at me, say, “I’m glad you’re okay,” and either give me some medication or tell me to ice it up and that I’d be alright.

He moved my arm around and contorted it in many different positions, asking me how my shoulder felt in each one. When he lifted my arm and started pushing it back, I started to feel it. I knew then that I had really injured myself and it would take some time to heal.

I was still assuming all he was going to do was instruct me to stay away from all physical activity for a bit, and he did. Then he added, “And I also think you need to go through physical therapy to rehabilitate that shoulder.”

My jaw hit the floor. I was not sure what to expect.

Over my next couple of posts, I will go more in depth and cover the road to recovery. Specifically, I will discuss my experience going through physical therapy at ASO. I had a lot of questions and was nervous about what PT would be like. Hopefully my story will help put your mind at ease in case you or a loved one ever has to go through PT.