A Guide for Muscle Cramps

Everyone has experienced muscle cramps before. According to OrthoInfo, a cramp is an “involuntary and forcibly contracted muscle that does not relax.” Muscles that are made up of two joints are the most susceptible to cramping. The back of the thigh, front of the thigh and back of lower leg are the most commonly affected. Muscle cramps can happen when you play a sport, exercise, walk, sit or sleep. Sometimes all it takes is the slightest movement.

Inadequate stretching leads to “abnormalities in mechanisms that control muscle contraction.” Exercising in extreme heat and being dehydrated can also lead to muscle cramps. Stretching can help lengthen fibers, which can cause them to contract and tighten better when you exercise. It is always import to warm up before you stretch. Calf stretches, hamstring stretches and quadriceps stretches can help you avoid cramps.