9 Tips on Riding Airplanes with a Bad Back

With summer travel and vacation plans almost here, check out these 9 tips on riding airplanes with a bad back from Spine-Health.


1. Ask your doctor if there are any medications that will help make the plane ride easier.

2. Let the airline know about any impairments that might require a special seat, pillow or assistance. They also can help you with your bags.

3. Don’t schedule your flight at a time where your body will be more naturally tired. Also try to get on a less crowded plane.

4. Take your over-the-counter medicine one hour before the flight to get it in your system. Carry them in a clear plastic bag and keep them with you.

5. Bring support for your posture. The flight attendants may be able to provide extra pillows. Also use any reclining or head position features your chair might have.

6. Don’t position your legs in an angle that can harm your posture. Plan ahead to request an exit row or bulkhead seat if you need extra room.

7. When allowed, get up and move around on the flight to stretch and ease stiffness.

8. Alternate between heat and ice on a certain area of pain. You can also use a water bottle filled with hot or cold water.

9. Relax and try to sleep.