6 Ways to Prevent Golf Injuries

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Spring is when plenty of golfers get back in the “swing” of hitting the green!

While the sport allows for a wide age range of participants, it doesn’t mean golfers shouldn’t prepare their bodies.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) is encouraging golfers to engage in the following exercises to help strengthen arm and back muscles.

Forearm muscles:

1. Squeeze a tennis ball.

Squeezing an old tennis ball for 5 minutes at a time is a simple, effective exercise that will strengthen your forearm muscles.

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2. Wrist curls.

Start with your forearm laying on a flat surface, palm up. Use a lightweight dumbbell (a half- pound to one pound weight to start and increase weight as you improve). Lower the weight to the end of your fingers, and then curl it back into your palm, followed by curling up your wrist to lift the weight an inch or two higher. Perform 10 repetitions with one arm, and then repeat with the other arm.

3. Reverse wrist curls.

Use a lightweight dumbbell. Place your hands in front of you, palm side down. Using your wrist, lift the weight up and down. Hold the arm that you are exercising above your elbow with your other hand in order to limit the motion to your forearm. Perform 10 repetitions with one arm, and then repeat with the other arm. 

Lower back: 

1. Wall squats.

Stand with ball between your low back and wall. Slowly bend knees 45 to 90 degrees. Hold five seconds. Straighten knees. Repeat the process raising both arms over head.

2. Lying on a ball.

Lie on your stomach over ball. Slowly raise alternate arms over head. Slowly raise alternate legs two to four inches from floor. Combine one and two, alternating opposite arms and legs. Bend one knee. Slowly lift this leg up, alternating right and left legs.

3. Yoga and pilates.

These exercise programs focus on trunk and abdomen strength, as well as flexibility.

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